What is this?

EarlyOakland.com is a tool that allows parents to find free or low cost services for their children in Oakland.

How does it work?

With the tools on the left column, you can find locations providing early care and education services. You can also search around an address or intersection.

On the right side the service locations are plotted on a map of Oakland. Each point is clickable and will show you details about the services available and any restrictions for income eligibility.

Who is it for?

This tool is free and for anyone who is interested finding early childhood services.

It could be used in the following ways:

  • By parents trying to find services close to their home or workplace.
  • By policy makers and OUSD analysts considering issues of access to services and equity of service distribution

Why did you make it?

The Oakland Education Cabinet, and its three chairs (Oakland Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Gary Yee, Mayor Jean Quan, and Mills College Dean of Education, Dr. Kathy Schultz) are pleased to share the following interactive map of locations for state and federally funded early care and education programs. The programs provide part day and full day early education and are free or low cost for qualifying families. The Cabinet encourages everyone in Oakland to share the map with parents and others who are raising children in our city. We know that the first five years of a childs life is a very important time for learning, and pre-school has been proven to assist children prepare for success in school and life.

This is great, but I need more info!

We also want to encourage you to utilize BANANAS Child Care Resource and Referral agency, where parents can receive free referrals to a wide variety of early care and education services, including nannies, family child care, preschools, and playgroups. BANANAS also has a wealth of free information on parenting, including workshops and handouts. Contact BANANAS by calling 510-658-7353,sending an email or their website.

Please note that ECE programs listed are for information only. Parents should visit and check out the programs to see if the family and the program are a good fit.

Where did you get your data from?

The data were collected directly from each agency and can be found here. The raw Fusion Tables data in KML format can be seen and downloaded here.

What did you use to build it?

This site is built with HTML, CSS, Javascript and Google's Fusion Tables and Maps API. The data is stored in Fusion Tables.

Technologies used:

If you are interested, all the code for this project is up on github:


This site was built, designed and hosted by Steve Spiker & Cris Cristina at the International Open Data Day Hackathon hosted by OpenOakland and with continued support from Max Ogden, Rob Chiniquy, Tarik Bennet, Josh Morrow and Felix Sargent. The original map interface was built on the template by Derek Eder.

A project by OpenOakland